Lucia Glass is a choreographer working in art and fashion. She directs shows that are visually strong, well casted and performed with a profound contemporary attitude.

Besides producing artistic projects for Theatres, Lucia‘s expertise lies in creating extraordinary fashion shows. She also designs choreographies for music clips and commercials. Her services include, but are not limited to: developing unique concepts, casting and booking models, as well as directing various kinds of productions. She has experience working with people of all ages from all over the world. She speaks fluent German and English.

Lucia brings with her a network of industry professionals including DJs, videographers, photographers and musicians. She also works in conjunction with a Public Relations Strategist, a Stage Designer, a Production Assistant and can provide these services if needed.

Partners and Collaborations:

Kampnagel – International Centre for Fine Arts | MQ Summer Of Fashion Vienna | TQW | Designers Open | BOY | VW Leasing | Kat Vinter | Alexander Trattler|Elektropastete | Frieder Weiss|Meisterfeier FC Bayern | Etage Eins Fashion Store | Dockville Festival Hamburg | Dirk Foerster|Lofft Leipzig | Tanzquartier Wien | Hafen City Universität Hamburg | Think Big! | PACT Zollverein | European Inventors Award Lissabon 2016|European Patent Office |